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  • ICT Management and Support encompasses overseeing the planning, implementation, and maintenance of Information and Communication Technology systems within an organization, ensuring seamless operations and providing timely assistance to users for efficient utilization of technology resources.
    • Systems Support

    • Cloud Storage Solutions
    • Networking -Copper and Fibre Optics
    • ICT Project management
    • Business Analysis
    • Access Control
    • Cyber Security
    • Digital Forensics
    • E-Business Solutions
    • IT Logistics and Procurement
    • Supply and Support of IT hardware and software
    • Billing and Revenue management

      Billing and revenue management is the essential process of accurately tracking, generating invoices, and efficiently collecting payments to ensure a seamless financial workflow for businesses.
    • Governance Risk Compliance Systems

      Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) systems are comprehensive frameworks and software solutions that enable organizations to proactively manage and mitigate risks, adhere to regulatory requirements, and maintain robust governance practices for sustainable and compliant operations.
    • E-learning Solutions

      E-learning solutions encompass a diverse range of digital platforms, tools, and content that facilitate remote learning, making education accessible and flexible for learners of all ages and backgrounds.
    • ERP and CRM Solutions

      ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions are powerful software systems that respectively streamline internal business processes and enhance customer interactions, enabling companies to achieve operational efficiency and deliver exceptional service.
    • Smart Farming Solutions

      Smart farming solutions leverage advanced technologies such as IoT sensors, data analytics, and automation to optimize agricultural processes, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions, improve yields, and promote sustainable farming practices.
    • Systems Integration
      Systems integration involves the seamless merging of different software, hardware, or technologies within an organization, allowing them to work together efficiently and share information effectively across various departments or functions.
      PLC System Integration
      PLC system integration refers to the process of integrating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) into a unified control system, enabling them to communicate and collaborate with other devices, machinery, and software applications for efficient industrial automation and process control.
      SCADA Systems
      SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are advanced software and hardware solutions that provide real-time monitoring, control, and analysis of industrial processes, allowing operators to efficiently manage and optimize complex systems in industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and transportation.
      Instrumentation Systems Control
      Instrumentation Systems Control involves the design, installation, and management of various sensors, instruments, and control systems to monitor and regulate industrial processes, ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency in operations.
      Artificial Intelligence Systems
      Artificial Intelligence systems are computer-based programs and algorithms designed to replicate human-like cognitive functions, enabling them to learn, reason, and make autonomous decisions, ultimately revolutionizing tasks ranging from data analysis to natural language processing.
      GCIS Systems
      The Government Communication and Information System is a department of the South African government charged with coordinating, managing, and advising on all government communication with the public, including media liaison
    • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) business consulting involves providing expert advice and strategies to organizations on how to effectively leverage technology solutions to optimize their operations, improve productivity, and achieve their business objectives.
      • ICT Projects Planning and Design

      • ICT Tender Specification

      • Business ICT Policies

      • ICT Recruitment and Training

      • ICT Projects Pricing

      • ICT Business Operations Planning

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